JOTI-JOTA in Tunisia 2018

The Association of Tunisian Radio Amateurs participated, in coordination with the Tunisian Scouts, in planning the Jamboree on air / on the Internet program, which was held this year on 19, 20 and 21 October 2018. This year’s program was distinguished by its richness, abundance, and its diversity compared to previous years, and its integration […]

Sidi Mansour Broadcast station visit

On October the 31st, 2018, the Association of Tunisian Radio Amateurs, ARAT paid a visit to the radio broadcast station related to the National Television Broadcasting Office in Sidi Mansour, Sfax. The association members who participated in the visit were accompanied by the president of the station Mr. Abdesslam Sassi, who presented briefly the history […]

Second Ham licenses delivery

For the second time, and after a long time of waiting, specifically from April the 25th, the day of the class 1 and 2 ham radio licenses to September the 28th, the National Frequencies Agency (ANF) invited the applicant who passed the exams to obtain their licenses, those who attended were the invited individuals, 6 […]

Mid year meeting

On September 2, 2018: The association organized a meeting at Tunis Station (3V8ST), where various subjects were discussed such as: -Summary of Wael Dahesh and Mohammed Bouzemmi’s activity in the « Yongsters On The Air » (YOTA) event in SouthAfrica this year. – discussion of the (JOTA/JOTI) program sheduled on 19, 20 and 21 October 2018 at […]

Ham license exam results.

On the 4th of May, the National Frequencies Agency (ANF), released the results of Class 1 and 2 license exams that took place the 25th of April, the results show that 5 participants obtained their Class 1 license, 2 obtained their Class 2 license, one maintained his class 2 license, and 2 failed. All participating […]

Preparing future Ham operators.

On the weekend of Saturday the 28th, and Sunday the 29th of April, ARAT made a 2 day long workshop in the international camping centre of Borj Cedria station 3V8CB, for young ham enthusiasts and scout members. The workshop consisted of and introductive workshop and establishing QSOs for the new and unexperienced participants, discussing technical […]

Uwe (DL8OBF)’s visit to Tunisia

During his 2 week long vacation in Tunisia, Uwe DL8OBF, president of RRDXA, and one of WRTC 2018 Directors, got in touch with the Tunisian Ham radio society. He started his visit with meeting the president of ARAT Ashraf Chabaane in Sousse, then paid a visit on the 25th and 26th of Mars to the 3V8CB station […]

Activites for recruitment

On Sunday the 18th, Monday the 19th, and Tuesday the 20th, ARAT members established an introductive and training workshop for interested individuals youngsters and those never exposed to the hobby, in an attempt to draw young people and expose them to the hobby. the workshop ended up with 3 new radio operators, 2 of whom […]

Experimentation, preparation and training

The weekend of the 23 and 24 of February was a busy one for ARAT, as it started by the association attending and celebrating the first Tunisian ham radio licenses delivery in this millennium. The following day members met in 3V8CB station to work on testing and enhancing the performance of a 260m long beverage […]