ARAT’s Telnet visit

On Friday November 1st 2019, ARAT paid a visit to Telnet – a Tunisian Engineering and technology consulting company – to learn more about the first Tunisian satellite program, as well as its potential contribution to the world of radio amateurs. The visit began by a presentation made by the Project Team led by the […]

JOTA-JOTI in Tunisia 2019

As every year; ARAT and the Tunisian Scouts jointly organized the Jamboree on air / on the Internet program held on 18, 19 and 20 October 2019 in the international camping centre of Borj Cedria. This year’s event was attended by 2 Danish Scouts. The JOTA/JOTI plan was rich of diverse and new activities and […]

ARAT informal meeting

ARAT held its mid-year informal meeting in Borj Cedria international camping center on Saturday September 7th, 2019. During the meeting, various topics were discussed including challenges the Association is facing. It was also an opportunity to plan the upcoming activities, mainly the JOTI/JOTA. At the end of the meeting, necessary set up was put in […]

ARAT’s annual meeting

On Saturday the 13th 2019, ARAT held its annual meeting at El Hana International Hotel in Tunis, with the presence of members from across the country as well as the guest Ivan Junakovic, I0JQA. During the meeting, the association’s president Ashraf Chaabane presented a résumé of the activities that took place throughout the year. After […]

3V-Tunisia, call for support

The « Association des Radio Amateurs Tunisiens – ARAT », created back in 2011 after the Jasmin Revolution, has demonstrated a satisfactory level of serving Tunisian radio amateurs and promoting the hobby in Tunisia (See our website: or our Facebook Page: The work that has been done so far was mainly funded by ARAT members […]

ARAT Annual gathering

On the occasion of the International Radio Day, the Association of Tunisian Radio Amateurs, in cooperation with the American Corner, organized an annual meeting that included its members and the members of the corner, attended by David W1SZ where he gave an overview of the hobby with his wife Marion, followed by the President of […]

World Radio Day Celebration in The American Corner

In the occasion of the World Radio Day on February 13th 2019, ARAT will be holding its annual meeting in the the American Corner at 15h00. There will be 2 presentations: -A presentation about amateur radio by David Cipolle (W1SZ). -A presentation about ARAT and the activities it does by Ashraf Chabaane (KF5EYY), president of ARAT. A […]

JOTI-JOTA in Tunisia 2018

The Association of Tunisian Radio Amateurs participated, in coordination with the Tunisian Scouts, in planning the Jamboree on air / on the Internet program, which was held this year on 19, 20 and 21 October 2018. This year’s program was distinguished by its richness, abundance, and its diversity compared to previous years, and its integration […]