JOTA-JOTI 2017 in Tunisia.

As usual, ARAT participated in the 2017’s edition of JOTA-JOTI. For this event, in collaboration with the Tunisian scouts, many workshops and activities had been established, such as radio basics and electronics, in the International Scout Camping Centre of Borj Cedria, Tunisia on the 20, 21, and 22 October 2017. This year the program was […]

YOTA 2017 – Souvenirs of ARAT Participants.

YOTA 2017 UK was great to say the least, full with activities, workshops, tours and fun. It was a busy week in Gilwell Park and elsewhere. 80 members from 20+ countries were present, divided mainly into 3 groups, each with a specific program that is partitioned along 7 days, into morning, afternoon, and evening sessions. […]

ARAT members meeting.

Last Saturday July 23rd, ARAT members joined for an informal meeting in Borj Cedria’s club station (3V8CB). During the gathering, many subjects have been discussed as well as future plans and events, such as forthcoming YOTA in UK, JOTI/JOTA and the IARU-R1 Conference in Germany. After the meeting, ARAT members were invited to lunch.

Andy (DL3YM)’s visit to Tunisia.

On the 19, and 20 of March, Andy DL3YM made his visit to the Tunisian radio society. On the first day, Andy visited 3V8CB in Borj Cedria, explored the station’s equipment and environment, then established about 150 CW QSOs. On the second day, Andy made his first visit to 3V8ST station in Tunis, from where […]

Training Workshops.

On Saturday March 18, ARAT hosted 2 workshops for young scouts at the International camping centre of Borj Cedria. These workshops were mainly about familiarising the participants with Ham radio world, providing them with all the information and various practices they need to establish easily the first steps into the field.

CQ WW 160 SSB 2017.

During the last week of February, ARAT member Ahmed Boubaker, and with the assistance of other members prepared 3V8CB station for the  » CQWW 160M SSB 2017 « . And for that matter, an inverted L antenna for the 160m band was re-deployed along with its radials and all the necessary equipment. During the weekend (the […]

Reviving 3V8SA.

After abandonment and continuous technical issues lasting to more than 3 years, on this Sunday the 19th of February 2017, ARAT members revived the radio club station of Ariana’s scout centre. A 20 meter dipole antenna was set up as an initial step, while plotting plans for further steps regarding more antennas is taking place. […]

Vlad (UA4WHX)’s visit to Tunisia.

During his 5 day visit to Tunisia while travelling through north african countries, Vladimir Bykov (UA4WHX) got in touch with the association’s members for a meeting and to operate from one of the clubs. The plan went as follows: -The first day was from « 3V8CB » in Borj Cedria, Vlad operated on various bands notably the […]