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« SO2R Operation was never as easy and enjoyable as it was in this year’s WW CW.
After manually switching antennas between filters and radios for almost each
band change during WW SSB, Filipe CT1ILT was very kind helping with a 6×2
antenna switching system (See ct1ilt.com/switches). The system, wired and boxed
by Ahmed 3V/KG5OUE one week before the contest, worked perfectly and flawlessly.
We did a mistake by using a plastic enclosure, but then an Aluminium cover
connected to ground completely killed any cross radios interference.

We gathered in Nov 19th weekend to also do some further preparations in 3V8SS
station; myself and Ali 3V/F4HJD replaced the balun of the inv-V for 80/160 and
brought it a bit higher (it wasn’t very bad that we didn’t split it in two
inv-V’s although that would enable more flexibility). We also put up a K9AY
which I think worked well especially on 40 and 80. The 7300 doesn’t have an
RX antenna jack, I had to manually switch. The K9AY coax took the 6th input to
the 6×2 close to the 80/160 connector.

I was lazy to re-configure DXLog to work with both radios and the SO2R box
(Used for audio switching) and that was a big mistake. Copying calls from R1
and R2 on each ear was didn’t allow dual CQing to be very efficient. By the
end of the contest, I was focusing on one radio only. I was so tired to handle
the interference from using TS-450S 500Hz CW filter.

I used two Wintest copies installed in two networked computers. The SO2R Box
was connected to R1 Computer. It wasn’t possible to modify scenarios to allow
for the Dual CQing required audio switching.

I did non-stop 48 hours operation this time. By 15h00z Sunday hallucinations
started and I had to explain to myself from time to time that I’m in a radio
game and these station are calling me to be in my log NOT to loan money from me
or to come to my house, hi!

Conditions on Sunday were better than in Saturday. 10m was closed all the
weekend, only 4 QSOs were made.

I’m very satisfied with the contest results although multipliers count still
below the required. Thanks to everyone in my log! See you inshallah in WW 160

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Call: 3V8SS
Operator(s): KF5EYY
Station: 3V8SS

Class: SOAB LP
QTH: Sousse
Operating Time (hrs): 48h00
Location: Africa
Radios: SO2R

Summary:   Compare Scores
Band      QSOs         Zones     Countries
160:            211                 6                  39
80:           1001               14                  70
40:            1135               20                 78
20:            1777               28                 88
15:              774               22                  68
10:                  4                 3                    3
Total:      4902              93                346               Total Score 6,414,229

-From www.3830scores.com